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A crowd parades through Main street with the WSC football

team to celebrate their win over USC in 1934.

The Writ of Summons for the Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson Signed by Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase notified the President of his impending impeachment proceedings - giving him both the date of the trial and the reasons for being accused;…

Damages to the Star Bottling Works

(left) and a furniture warehouse (right) around 470 East

Main Street. (Present location of the

Laurel Tree Flower Shop). Caskets from the furniture

warehouse went floating down …

Male work crew posed inside warehouse. Asians (probably Japanese), one Sikh in turban. Probably strawberry packing house.

workers after
An oral history describing the after hours practices of employees at Grand Coulee Dam.

An oral history describing the conditions workers faced as well as the competitive nature spurred by employees and management.
An oral history describing the labor shortage in the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam.
An employee speaking toward the benefits of the National Recovery Administration.

Women were able to obtain more jobs during World War I when most of the men were fighting.

"Women in Revolt" is the title of a three-day series of WSU speeches and discussion on women's liberation

Date taken from postmark.

Women delegates to the 1886 convention of the Knights of Labor.jpg
Women delegates to the 1886 convention of the Knights of Labor
Woman in field holding stringed instrument. Fence in background. Photograph double-exposed.
1 map ; 29 x 20 cm. Map includes distances from Wenatchee, Sunnyside, Ellensburg, Quincy, and Richmond. Compiled and copyrighted by Automobile Club of WashingtonView map of Automobile roads Horse Heaven quadrangle on front:…

A view over an iced over Silver lake.
A tree that has fallen on a car after a nasty wind storm.
A largeish tree leans against a power pole after a harsh windstorm.
The Western Union sign after a harsh windstorm.
A fallen tree blocks a garage.
Wilson Hall with a dirt road in front and cars.
Wilson Hall with a dirt road in front.

1 photo; 8 x 10 cm. Wilson Hall was opened for use as a

military barracks in 1917. A third floor was added to the

building in 1920.
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