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Apple Cups: Game Films, Programs, and News Coverage

program image 1With apologies, at the moment we're having problems displaying titles for newspaper articles - if it says "Untitled" in the timeline, that's a link to the newspaper coverage for that year.


The University of Washington and Washington State University first met on the football field on November 29, 1900, and meet for the 108th time in 2015. This timeline compiles gamefilms and football programs from WSU's collections, as well as providing links to the newspaper coverage of each game.

Click in the gray bar and use your arrow keys to quickly move right or left through the timeline to view various results. We have newspaper coverage for almost every year, noting that no game was played in 1905-06, '09, '15-16, '18, '20, and '43-44. We have 51 game films between 1929 and 1988, and 28 football programs between 1917 and 2005. Clicking on a link to a film will open a pop-up that you can watch the film in (you can click into the film to open in another, larger, window). Clicking on a program or a news article link will allow you to view those in a new window or tab, either as a webpage or as a pdf document. Some articles are better than others - we selected newspapers only either from our own collections or available free on the internet from a reliable source. In some cases, there may be instructions present as to how/where to find the coverage in that paper.

Films, programs, and Evergreens for this project were all digitized at the Washington State University Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC). The J.L. Stubblefield Foundation provided funding for much of this project, specifically digitization of these and many other football films. Though this timeline collects only the rivalry games, digitization of other WSU games continues and can be found online in our WSU Digital Football Films Collection. These and other WSU football programs can be found in our WSU Football Programs Digital Collection, and the Evergreen (WSU student newspaper) articles found here come from our Digital Evergreens Collection.

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Some rivalry timeline factoids:

1900: The first UW / WSU (actually then WAC, later WSC)  football game.
1910: First time the game was played in Spokane. The next time would be 40 years later.
1915: Pacific Coast Conference (PCC) formed for 1916 season. UW was a charter member; WSC joined for 1917.
1919: WSC adopted the Cougar as their mascot.
1922: UW adopted the Husky as mascot.
1934: The Governor's Trophy was created by sculptor Dudley Pratt.
1942: The last time the game ended in a tie.
1943-1944: No games played due to World War II.
1959: WSC became WSU.
1959-1961: WSU independent after the PCC collapsed.
1962: The rivalry game was renamed the Apple Cup.
2007: 100th rivalry game.

Protest, Students, War + Racism

This timeline details various events at Washington State University in 1969 and 1970 reflecting sweeping social changes in the United States. The events are part of larger dialogues about racism, women's rights, and the Vietnam War.