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After the war, a movie about the Japanese-American 442nd Regimental Combat Team was made

A photo of the devastation caused to Nagasaki from the atomic bomb.

Pres Truman.jpg
President Harry S. Truman addressing a joint session of Congress asking for $400 million in aid to Greece and Turkey. This speech became known as the "Truman Doctrine" speech.

going out of business prohibition.jpg
An Ohio liquor store runs a sale before going out of business the day before the prohibition took effect in the state.

capone article.jpg
Al Capone has been affiliated with multiple crimes in the past, specifically in money laundering, illegal distribution of narcotics, and of course, tax evasion.

Is Dam Legislation Socialistic.jpg
A pamphlet questioning the democratic legitimacy of legislation modeled after that which created the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), c. 1950.

Al Capone Fingerprints.jpg
Regarding Al Capone's incarceration, he was needed for classification among his peers in order to clarify the "star ranking" of the inmate.

Al Capone's criminal record in 1932. Despite a litany of charges, he ended up being nabbed for tax evasion. (FBI/U.S. Bureau of Prisons)

An aerial shot of the Grand Coulee Dam from June 14, 1941.

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A Mexican mother is photographed with her children.

Day of imfamy closing speech.gif
Closing words of Franklin Roosevelt's Speech preceding America's entry to WWII

An Italian immigrant family arrives at Ellis Island at the height of immigration in the United States

Map that show the route of Japanese territory I Asia 1942

A photograph of a young David Bohm during the late 1930's.

Group playing ping-pong at PAC.jpg
Japanese Americans made every effort to lead normal lives in the Puyallup Assembly Center. They cultivated gardens, engaged in different types of activities, and played games such as ping-pong.

Helen Gladys (Emery) Aoki and Gunjiro Aoki, March 1909.

Political cartoon of a Chinese man seated outside Golden Gate of Liberty.

Enrico Fermi standing in front of nuclear energy technology he helped develop.
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President Harry S. Truman, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin meet at Potsdam (near Berlin). The meeting was originally called the "Berlin Conference," the name was later changed to the "Potsdam…

Puyallup Assembly Center housing.jpg
View of barracks that housed Japanese internee's at the Puyallup Assembly Center (Camp Harmony).

Japanese American removal Bainbridge Is.jpg
Japanese Americans, escorted by armed soldiers, walk down the Eagledale ferry dock on Bainbridge Island, WA at the beginning of their forced removal to the Manzanar Assembly Center in the California desert.

Hanford checkpoint.jpg
A security checkpoint on the border of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

ionization chambers and film badge.jpg
A Hanford Site worker wearing ionization chambers and a film badge during Manhattan Project plutonium production.

Timber crew from the Clemons Logging Company, on the Chehalis River east of Aberdeen. By 1935, Washington's timber workers went on strike for better conditions and the legal recognition of their union. The timber workers' strike faced an often…

New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach, right, watching agents pour liquor into sewer following a raid during the height of prohibition
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