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James Klemgard residence and automobile in snow.

After years of neglect, the Washington Hotel (located on

Main Street) was torn down after the Pullman flood of 1972.

A group photo of the Pullman baseball team with players

identified. Bowlin Farr, second row middle with top hat,

was Pullman's first settler and drew up the original town


J. P. Duthie dealer in produce, flour, feed, Hay, lumber,

posts, coal and wood. Located on W. Grand Pullman.

The Reid Residence.

U.S. Post Office Pullman, Washington. Inside during

construction looking to the north.

A photo showing a section of Main Street with the Washington

Hotel to the right during the 1972 flood.

A faded original photographic print of the Pullman Hotel

with men sitting on the second story.

The Washington Hotel during its decline, not the empty

retail space. After the flood of 1972 the Hotel was torn


U.S. Post Office Pullman, Washington. Entrance vestibule

from the lobby.

A crowd parades through Main street with the WSC football

team to celebrate their win over USC in 1934.

Old Pullman City Hall (now gone) formerly located on the

northwest corner of Olsen and Kamiaken streets. Built 1893;

remodeled in 1916 and 1937.

The photograph was taken about 1886 from the corner of Grand

Avenue and Olsen Street (now Cougar Plaza) looking East.

A stereographic view looking east of a man with two horses

on an unpaved Main Street.

A photograph looking east at a parade on Main Street.

Duthie Lumber Shed. East side Grand Pullman.

A man readies his horses for plowing.

A parade procession heading down Main St. Pullman with the

Artesian Hotel and the Flatiron Building (middle) in the


A bird's eye view taken from Sunnyside Hill looking east at

Main Street in downtown Pullman and the college. The IOOF

(International Order of Old Fellows) is the right.

Color birds eye view of a part of Pullman.

A reprint of a photo from 1910.

A group portrait of children playing in the snow.

Flood waters on Main Street receding. WSU campus is visible

on the hill to the left.

A view down the Palouse River

A view showing main street Pullman and the college on the


The Palace Hotel, owned by Theo T. Davis.

A view of early Pullman prior to the construction of WSU.

Color birds eye view taken from Sunnyside Hill looking east

at Pullman. Old City Hall is present in the center of the


People loading supplies at the Grange store.

A sketch of the proposed City Hall and City Center for

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