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In industrial cities like Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Minneapolis, women worked in similar occupations as they did in the countryside, such as laboring from home. They sewed hats, did textile piecework, and made shoes. As in the…

soldier dead.jpg
A Japanese soldier lies dead face down in the surf at the end of the Battle of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands 1944
Covers area east of the Mississippi River. Omits most of Florida and northern Maine. Indicates "railroads in running order." [From published bibliography]

Photograph of the 1946 colloquium on the Super at Los Alamos. Front row left to right: Norris Bradbury, John Manley, Enrico Fermi and J.M.B. Kellogg. Second row left to right: Colonel Oliver G. Haywood, unknown, Robert Oppenheimer, Richard Feynman,…

A depiction of Abraham Lincoln as a king holding a glass labeled "power". This cartoon is charging Lincoln for being complacent with the border slave states. The figure to left holds a slave in one hand and a pitcher labelled "tobacco" in the…

This photograph from the Spokane Chronicle features members of the Colmbia River Development League, including James O'Sullivan, Rufus Woods, and Senator C. C. Dill. The Columbia River Development League formed in support of a dam built at Grand…

A "Black Symposium," sponsored by the Political Union Committee and the Black Studies Program, is held on campus, bringing in speakers and films about the black experience.

In russia its states that "Comrade Lenin will clean up the earth

Simple, effective contrivances are fitted in every case with dry batteries. No accumulators. No wires. No liquids. No acids. And best, no dangers! Includes realistic printed images of the actual electric lamps.

After the war, a movie about the Japanese-American 442nd Regimental Combat Team was made

kangaroo: blood.jpg
The "Kangaroo" Safety Bicycle is advertised as being faster than any bicycle, safer than any tricycle, 100 miles on the road, and a time of 7 hours 11 minutes and 10 seconds, every record of any kind of bicycle or tricycle eclipsed by 71 minutes.…

A four-day Moratorium is held November 13-16, including a "March Against Death" on the 15th. Estimates put attendance at less than one-third of the October 15th event. The image featured in this item may be found in the Paul Philemon Kies Photograph…

Newspaper clipping regarding use of court rooms for temperance lecture by Frances Willard.

Political Cartoon from 1921 showing disapproval of immigration to the United States.

The Opium Habit NYT.pdf
This document looks at some interesting stories that a journalist encountered during a trip to Staunton Virginia. The writer describes the many different individuals who use opium and its derivatives for medical or personal use.

This additional cartoon from Harper’s Weekly from 1868 slams Johnson by referring to him as a ‘paroquet’ stuck on repeating ‘Constitution’ over and over and over again. The reluctance to work with Reconstructionists by inciting the…

Newspaper clippings regarding tax qualifications for suffrage, and debate over prohibition act.
An alliance of self-described "Third World" student groups presents the University with a list of eleven demands as "a minimum commitment against racism." President Terrell would reject these demands on May 22. The label Third World arises from the…

The World Affairs Institute holds a program of films and speakers titled "Why Student Unrest?" in the CUB auditorium.

1 photo; 8 x 5 cm.
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